Name Tiffany
Alias Lady DinoBug, LadyDB, LDB
Birthday May 17
Age 25
Contact /contact
Location Florida (bleh)
Designing 7+ years
Occupation author
Favorite Anime Dragonball Z ♥, Sailor Moon, Akira, Card Captor Sakura
Likes anime, oldschool video games, horror movies, books, collecting DVDs, hanging out at home
Dislikes reality TV, romance comedies, bugs, hot weather, retail jobs

Oh hai.
I procrastinate a lot. I love talking to people about websites. In fact, I like spending 90% of my life at my computer. I like sleeping & going out at night. I am much nicer online than in real life. My goal is to publish my books and get outta Florida. I last updated this on June 21, 2013.